Tank2615 Forza pony cars

At the moment I have stopped taking requests. I have way too many backed up and I want to get them finished before I add any more to my plate. If you do have a request please keep it in your head because I will be taking them again eventually, but not at the moment.

Here is the time lapse of me making Cadence. I would’ve had it out sooner, but the program I was using to make videos is shit, so I found a new one.

This Day Aria Mercedes DTM C-Class Touring Car. I’m starting to fool around with 3D effects and shading with the results looking very promising. Hopefully all future cars will be much more realistic in appearance. I want to be able to max out the 1,000 layer limit with a design. so far I’m at just over 500 on one side so progress is good.

GLORY TO THE NEW LUNAR REPUBLIC!!! This was a personal design, unlike most of my others which have either been remakes or requests. I do believe this beats the Pinkie Evo as my favorite car. I love everything about this car and put everything I had into it, the results speak for themselves. I didn’t take a picture of it, but the roof is my favorite part.

The second and final part of my Gilda speedpaint.

Here is the first part of a speedpaint video of my most recent creation. Gilda was a request from DELTA RAVEN XD off of Xbox live.

Sup ponies? this is my most recent car for download in Forza. I absolutely love the way the Koenigsegg CCGT looks in general, so I decided it was high time I ponified it. If the images look weird in any way I’m uploading to tumbler in safe mode from my laptop, I got a virus and am in the process of removing it. I will recheck the post later to see if it looks alright and if not I’m re-posting this.

Quick update this time around. I found out people did Forza speed paint thanks to Forza pony designer here on tumbler and watched 6-7 videos on it, that got my inspiration back. Also I think I’m going to do a speed paint myself, I have all the equipment and still have a metric fucktone of requests to do, plus it sounds like fun. The only problem is i spend a huge amount of time dicking around in the editor even when I’m serious, so most of it will be completly random or absolutely nothing as I mess with my computer or something. Thoughts? 

Final car I’m going to remake form Forza 3. There isn’t much change from the F3 design in this one, unlike the others which were basically whole new designs based on their F3 counterpart. I still liked this design from F3 and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I’ve kinda run into a roadblock for my next car. Its a Rainbow Dash one and I cant think of what to put as the background layers on it, its driving me crazy! Feel free to offer any suggestions if you want, it may give me a bout of inspiration!

Hey there people, new car for all ya to gawk at. This is just a remake from Forza 3, although this was the last Forza 3 car i ever made, so its special like that. I will probably be done with the remakes after the next car, but that also means more time between posts because I have to actually be creative for once. Fortunately I’m almost done with a brand new design, so it wont be too much longer than normal. all that’s left if for me to get off my ass and finish the design.